CSUF Expert: Candidates Doomed If Anger Is All They Offer

With the U.S. presidential election approaching on Nov. 8, candidates from across the political spectrum have been concentrating their campaigns on voters’ fears and anger, says Stephen Stambough, Cal State Fullerton professor of political science.

“Anger can capture attention and give a candidate momentum and some passionate supporters,” Stambough said.

However, anger won’t suffice through Election Day, he said. The candidates will soon have to present more to voters than feeding off their anxieties and frustrations, he said.

“It is very difficult for an electorate to stay angry about the same thing through an entire election cycle,” Stambough said.

According to Stambough, for that anger to turn into a “successful movement,” candidates need to set forth a detailed, coherent direction and legislative agenda in the coming year.

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