CSUF Initiative Aims to Boost Local Families

When 3-year-olds don’t get their way, there is often boisterous screaming and flailing involved. Maybe a toy is thrown across the room or the children resort to hitting to get noticed.

What if, instead of tantrums, children learned to manage their anger and stress? Would it be effective? Would it better equip them with how to handle anger and stress as adolescents and adults?

Alejandra Ramirez thinks so.

Ramirez, a 26-year-old Cal State Fullerton human services undergraduate student, recently helped lead an anger and stress management exercise for children ages 3-5.

The assignment? Learning to take deep, full breaths.

“We would tell them, ‘When you get angry, instead of screaming or hitting, you could take a deep breath and let it all out,’” Ramirez said.

The exercise was part of a course in the Resilient Families Program, a six-week program from the new CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.

The Resilient Families Program aims to provide prevention and intervention services for families.

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