Titan Voice: When the Stars Aligned for a Re-Entry Student

Derek White

Derek White

The stars aligned for me Aug. 17 when gravitational wave observatories here on Earth detected the ripples in spacetime that traveled at the speed of light to our planet from their source a galaxy away.

Those ripples were caused by two neutron stars that had reached the last legs of their slowly collapsing orbit, roughly 120 million years ago, eventually colliding into one another in an event that literally sent out shock waves through time and space.

This was the first time the phenomenon had been detected from neutron stars, and the data surrounding this event was new territory for all but a few highly specialized astrophysicists across the globe. One of those happens to be CSUF’s own Jocelyn Read, assistant professor of physics, one of only a handful of the world’s experts on neutron stars.

I’m a member of her team of undergraduate researchers... Continue reading Derek White’s guest column in the Orange County Register.

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