Can California Really Hit a 100% Renewable Energy Target?

Face of Robert Michaels, economics professor

Robert Michaels, professor of economics

With the May 31 passage of Senate Bill 100 in the state Senate, the legislation calling for the state to derive 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by the end of 2045 now moves to the Assembly.

Robert Michaels, professor of economics, predicts SB100 will lead to higher costs for ratepayers.

“It’s going to be expensive,” Michaels said. “We already know there are a lot of problems with reliability, just with the percentage of intermittent renewables that you have here [in California]. And until, and probably not even after, we get a lot more in the way of usable battery storage, or some way of storing this stuff, it’s simply not going to be feasible.”

Continue reading in the San Diego Union Tribune.

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