Titan Voice President Mildred García: Welcoming Back Titans

Anyone who’s visited California State University, Fullerton during summer break knows that its magic stems not from its impressive physical structures, newly renovated classrooms, or even the world-famous baseball diamond at Goodwin Field.

Yes, those are key ingredients to our success, but when absent of faculty, staff and students, they’re nothing more than brick, mortar and landscaping — a languorous 241 acres that seem to solemnly await the return of their beloved Titan family.

Okay, so I may be projecting my own feelings onto the university’s inanimate grounds, but this much I know: every fall, when our more than 40,000 diverse students — and the faculty and staff who serve them — return for a new academic year, they transform empty classrooms and vacant walkways into one of the most vibrant, diverse and academically excellent institutions in the country. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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