A Higher Ed Award for a Dedicated Professor

“You have to do something in life,” says Armando M. Martínez-Cruz. His mother repeated that to him over and over throughout his childhood. Earlier this month, the Cal State Fullerton mathematics professor was recognized for his contribution to teaching and academic endeavors with the Outstanding Latino/a Faculty in Higher Education Award (Research Institutions) from the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education.

Apart from his significant contributions to higher education, the Mexico City native is also known for volunteering at STEM conferences and workshops aimed at families with students k-12 in local schools, assisting in English and Spanish.

"I have the opportunity to work with many parents and families that do not know how to help their children in school," he says. "I feel that when I work with them I am working with my parents; life itself presents an opportunity to close the cycle and keep memories alive. I am so grateful for that."

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