Students Join Education Professor in Mexico to Discuss Deportation

A group of Cal State Fullerton students joined Julián Jefferies, assistant professor of literacy and reading education, for a Jan. 16 panel presentation to discuss the politics of deportation and immigration under President-elect Donald Trump at the Social Sciences and Humanities University Center in Mexico’s University of Guadalajara. 

Jefferies explained that the estimated cost of deporting 11.4 million illegal immigrants is expected to be around $400 billion, which points to Trump’s goal of deporting only two or three million “criminals.” Still, the assistant professor believes the deportation regime would lead to greater criminalization of the immigrant population and “extreme control, exclusion and great vulnerability” for those in unstable situations.

“It is very tragic for undocumented immigrants that live in great vulnerability,” said Jefferies. “Those who are allowed to stay and work in the U.S. under this regime will be second-class citizens.”

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