Twin Studies Scholar Segal Visits GMA to Welcome Reunited Twins

Nancy Segal

As a foremost expert in the field of twin studies, Nancy Segal, CSUF professor of psychology and director of the University’s Twin Studies Center, was on the set of ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday morning to witness twin sisters, who had been separated at birth, reunited on the program. The 10-year-olds, Audrey and Gracie, had been adopted by separate families in the states of Wisconsin and Washington.

During the program, applause followed when Segal noted that DNA tests confirmed the pair to be “identical twins with 100 percent certainty.”

A twin herself, Segal has been working with both families and was asked to comment during the broadcast on the changing family dynamic for all involved.

“This is a very important meeting,” Segal said. “The twin relationship, the twin bond is a very strong one, and so I think it was very important that these girls meet at this particular point in time when they have their whole lives ahead of them.” Hear the rest of her comments by watching the segment online.


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