Is There Hope for Our Divided Nation?

Benjamin Hubbard

Benjamin J. Hubbard, professor emeritus of comparative religion

Benjamin J. Hubbard, CSUF professor emeritus of comparative religion, reflects on the divisiveness and alienation evident in our nation and warns that without politicians and ordinary citizens willing to seek common ground — to compromise — we will lose both our ability to pass effective legislation and our moral compass.

Yet, in spite of our differences, Hubbard believes that share a lot in common: Patriotism, reverence for the Constitution and its precious First Amendment freedoms, belief in the American dream that anyone can succeed if given a chance, a powerful spirit of philanthropy that cares for the sick, the hungry, drug addicts, and young women caught in the web of human trafficking.

The solution lies in a United States of Amercia where labels are put aside for the sake of the common good and where fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, social tolerance and careful reform of Social Security can co-exist. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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