High School Math Needs Major Overhaul, Teachers Group Says

A recent study indicates that high school math scores have remained stagnant since the 1970s, with only about 25 percent of 12th-graders scoring at or above proficient.


The tracking system in high school mathematics place some students in less challenging classes, leaving them unprepared for college. Mark Ellis, CSUF professor of secondary education and director of Center for Maximizing Teacher Impact, said eliminating tracking is not the sole solution. Improving curriculum to have engagement is the key.

“While many are focusing on the idea of de-tracking, for me that is one change that is part of a larger systemic effort to improve outcomes,” said Ellis. “It also means working with curriculum, instructional practice, course placement and sequencing and policy to help to move the needle with respect to student engagement in and success with high school mathematics.” Continue reading in EdSource.

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