Titan Voice: Brianna L. Rodriguez - Transformation of a Former Foster Youth

Brianna Rodriguez

In the fall of 2014, I eagerly walked up to my on-campus apartment to get settled into my new space. Afterward, I had just enough time before the day ended to explore the campus by myself. I roamed, still in disbelief that I had been accepted to California State University, Fullerton with a full scholarship and essential living resources from the Guardian Scholars program.

I am grateful for this program, which creates equitable pathways to a university degree for current and former foster youth. I am proud to be one of hundreds whose life and family legacy has been transformed by it. As a Guardian Scholar, I receive mental health treatment, housing and financial literacy support. To be clear, I was and am strong-willed and independent, but as a woman of color and a former foster youth, I was fearful of not being capable of success. Continue reading Brianna L. Rodriguez’s guest column in the Orange County Register.

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