Titan Voice: How Julian Togashi Lived Spurs Gift to Next Generation

Julian and Karen Togashi

Julian and his mom, Karen Togashi, vacationing in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Karen Togashi, mother of the late Julian Togashi, recounts moments from the life of her son, who earned a bachelor’s degree at CSUF in computer science in 2012, turned his internship into a full-time positon, earned a promotion, and returned to his alma mater to teach part time — all in his 20s.

“I saw evidence of his refined sense of himself and the world when he was tasked to write a paper on cultural heritage in middle school. In his paper, he questioned why people always referred to him as half — half Japanese/half American. He argued that he was actually double, not half … double the culture, double the language, double the culinary interests, etc. It was a stunning piece of insight, and one of those pearls of wisdom that will remain with me forever.”

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