Titan Voice: President Virjee Relishes Magical Moments on Campus


My wife, Julie, and I snuck onto campus without telling a soul. I had just been appointed president of California State University, Fullerton, and while my term had not yet “officially” begun, I was both in search of student energy and ready to jump into campus life with both feet.

Alas, aside from nearly getting a parking ticket, which might actually have been the best possible initiation to campus, the trip was uneventful. Yes, I snuck onto the baseball field to hit an imaginary home run and strutted onto the main stage of Meng Concert Hall to play air guitar, but something was missing aside from an actual Louisville Slugger and Fender Stratocaster (along with the talent it takes to use them). It was the same thing that had been missing my entire career and the very reason I bypassed retirement to take on this presidency: students. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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