Titan Voice: Riley Greenough — Reflections of a President’s Scholar


My parents and I toured nearly a dozen college campuses in all parts of California before I decided to attend Cal State Fullerton. I was an anxious high school senior, desperate to fit in at the college that would be my college for the next four years.

During each campus visit, I felt overwhelmed and lost in the sea of students brushing past me. I wanted my college experience to be unique. I wanted to be challenged, both academically and personally, without feeling like just another student rushing around campus lost in the shuffle.

I knew that I would be very involved at the university I chose to attend. Having enjoyed being involved in high school, I learned that much of my success came from a willingness to participate. I could envision dedicating myself to my future college and, ultimately, wanted the college to want me to be there too.

When I came to Cal State Fullerton for my President’s Scholars interview, it was my first time seeing the campus. CSUF was the first university I visited that felt like home. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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