Titan Voice - Sophia Chang: The Unexpected Wedding Planner


For someone who has been trying to plan her future and, ultimately, gets a completely different result, I am the perfect case. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2008, having double-majored in art history and anthropology and minored in Asian studies. In my first job out of high school, I worked at Disneyland in Attractions. In college, my second job was as a student intern for CSUF’s Public Affairs Office. 

I had extracurricular activities that included multiple student organizations, serving as a board member of Associated Students Inc. and founder of the Kappa Pi Honorary Arts Fraternity. I also became known as “Potter Girl” and launched what at the time was the most popular Harry Potter fandom website for online role playing. (Yes, I was and still am a Harry Potter fan).

Now, I work in the wedding industry as a lead planner for a luxury event company. I’m like J-Lo’s character in the movie “The Wedding Planner.” How in the world does someone go from being a humanities graduate to a wedding planner? Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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