Can Playing Video Games Excessively Be a Mental Disorder?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), excessive playing of video games can now be considered a mental disorder. 

The international organization has listed "gaming disorder" in its latest International Classification of Diseases, used worldwide to diagnose health problems, provide health care and allocate resources.

Ofir Turel, professor of information systems and decision sciences, fielded questions from reporters around the world on the subject of gaming disorder and noted: "We do need this increased recognition. But we need many more steps forward to make our society a better place.”

Shana Alex Charles, assistant professor of health science, also weighed in on the impact of this announcement on the insurance industry. “Insurance companies aren’t usually on the forefront of jumping in to cover experimental therapies,” she said. "If the company has a therapist in its network treating gambling addiction, it might cover the same kind of therapy to treat video game addiction, for example. There might be some pushback."  Continue reading in the Orange County Register.


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