What Communication Tools Will Reach Real ID Procrastinators?


The public's delayed reaction to getting a federally compliant driver's license — the Real ID — before boarding airplanes on Oct. 1, 2020 has experts buzzing about the tools to effectively communicate change.

By now you may be sputtering about why you didn’t know about this. It’s not totally your fault. After all, it’s been 14 years since this mandate was signed into law, and there have been numerous delays and false starts in its implementation. The U.S. Travel Assn. is now communicating this information to the public.

What do experts recommend to give travelers a sense of urgency? 

Deemphasize the punitive, said Joshua Dorsey, assistant professor of marketing at Cal State Fullerton. Explain “the benefit to you of why you’d want to have Real ID,” he said. “People do want to travel and want to go places. I can tether the Real ID to something positive that allows me to continue to have a growth experience, I can continue to grow and see other places.”

Sadvertising. Dorsey was half-joking when he suggested sadvertising, a term with which I wasn’t familiar. “You know those ASPCA ads?” he asked, the ones in which sad-eyed critters need your financial help to avoid terrible fates. I knew immediately and started getting teary-eyed just thinking about them. Continue reading in the Los Angeles Times

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