Titan Voice - President Virjee: Orange County Employers Seek CSUF’s Workforce-Ready Graduates


“I will take a Titan.” Those five words begin a sentence I repeatedly hear every time I venture into Orange County to meet with business leaders, hiring managers and community leaders.

The full message goes something like this: “I will take a Titan over a graduate from any other university any day of the week.”

As I smile and Titan pride rushes through me, the inevitable follow-up statement comes with equal vigor. “At least half my employees are Titans,” I hear over handshakes and introductions. “Not Trojans, not Bruins, not Anteaters — Titans.”

I am paraphrasing, sure, but the underlying theme that employers know it takes a Titan to excel in Orange County’s workforce is no one-off nicety or anomalous compliment. Instead, it is the through-line of an oft-repeated message about Cal State Fullerton. Continue reading in the Orange County Register

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