Arts for Kids Program a Learning Experience for CSUF Students, Too


Fourth-grader Allison Reyes, 10, leans over with great concentration as she etches the pattern of a stencil onto a foam plate.

Over her shoulder, Cal State Fullerton senior Kelsey Elmore, 23, offers pointers.

After running an ink-covered roller over the etching and then pressing it onto a piece of paper, Allison has a print of a flower.

After the two admire the print for a few moments, Elmore tells the girl, “Don’t forget to sign it.”

“It’s cool, I’ve never done this before,” Allison said about her work. “This is very pretty. I like to make flowers and trees.”

Allison and Elmore are both taking part in the The Arts For Kids program, a weekly after-school tutoring and mentoring program organized as part of Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Healthy Neighborhoods program. Located at Richman Park, the Center provides a menu of educational, health and well-being programs for the community. Every Tuesday, the arts program sets up shop in front of the park’s community center. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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