More Latinos are Graduating but Disparities in Higher Education Persist


More Latinos like Cal State Fullerton alumnus Alfredo Guerrero are graduating from college, but disparities in higher education persist.

A recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center indicates that, as of 2014, only 15% of Latinos aged 25 to 29, had a bachelor's degree or higher education. By comparison, among the same age group, about 41% of whites have a bachelor's degree or higher education (as do 22% of African Americans and 63% of Asians).

Guerrero was born in Downey and is a United States citizen, but recognizes that Latinos are the future of this nation.

"My parents came to this country from Mexico with almost nothing, but they sowed in my brothers and me the seeds of hope so we would  pursue careers. Now they are reaping what they sowed," said Guerrero.  Continue reading in Spanish, in Excélsior.

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