Titan Voice - President Virjee: Favorite Time of the Year


Ask educators what their favorite day of the year is, and you will likely get the same enthusiastic answer: Graduation day.

The reasons for this response are as obvious as they are true. It is the culmination of our collaborative work and it sends our graduates into the world with the pomp and circumstance they deserve.

Concurrently, ask students what day in the academic calendar they most look forward to, and they, too, will give the same answer, albeit for reasons different from what you might think — at least at Cal State Fullerton, where 57 percent of bachelor’s degree recipients are first-generation university graduates and many of this year’s 12,600 new alumni will set the same trend. Indeed, Alice Cooper anthems aside, there is far more going on at CSUF this time of year than the anticipation of a life without pencils or school being “out forever.”

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