Titan Voice - President Virjee: A Call for Open Hearts and a Return to Joy


Imagine a little boy…

With those four words, prefaced only by my request for the special group of Titans gathered around me to close their eyes, I began my informal remarks.

He is maybe 5 or 6 years old, rail thin, with cowlicks and too much hair, an open smile so bright not even the missing front teeth could dim its illuminating power. 

Imagine this little boy running, laughing, and playing — simultaneously dreaming and living the dream. 

Life is brimming with love and laughter, promise and peace, goodness and gratitude.

This little boy is flying on the wings of pure unbridled joy.

I then asked everyone to open their eyes. As they did, I could see in the visage of each of them a rekindling of their own memory of a similar child. An expanding warmth washed over me, my belief strengthened that all of us — regardless of plight or privilege, adversity or advantage, fortune or famine — have at least some memory of being this child; of dreaming and believing in the impossible; of feeling and living unequivocal joy. A feeling of flying. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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