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Climate Change Crisis

Faculty and Student Researchers Seek Solutions

From rising sea levels, devastating droughts, hurricanes and wildfires to increased amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Earth’s climate is changing due to human activities.

As world leaders convene Dec. 2-13 for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain, Cal State Fullerton science faculty and student researchers are immersed in studies — impacts to land, sea and air— on climate change, a holistic term used to describe all components of the climate system, says Matthew E. Kirby, professor of geological sciences.

Joe Carlin, assistant professor of geological sciences, adds that climate change is a natural process that has occurred throughout Earth’s history. Some periods have been warmer and drier, while others have been cooler and wetter.

“The climate change we’re experiencing today has been caused, at least in part, by humans. Research like ours is important to establish a baseline for natural climate change that was not caused by humans, then we can compare it to climate change today — and ultimately, pinpoint the impact by humans, and how we may fix this situation.”

To learn more about how CSUF faculty members and students are joining the fight against climate change, continue reading about their research efforts as they search for answers: