This past summer, two worlds collided.

A global pandemic intersected with a worldwide cry for social justice after the death of George Floyd.

Around the globe, millions were emboldened to speak out for racial justice, the end of police brutality and the start of a serious conversation about anti-racism and how we must work together toward making lasting change.

“The Talk: A Journey Toward Anti-Racism” is a video series that invites campus community members to talk about their personal journey to anti-racism, their concerns and their hope for a world that no longer divides by color but instead celebrates the commonality of our humanity.

The series stemmed from the idea of "The Talk," the conversation about race and anti-Blackness that unfortunately, people in the Black community are compelled to have with their loved ones from an early age.

We invited members of the Titan community with diverse identities and allies to tell the authentic and intimate stories of their anti-racism journey.

The hope is that this deeply personal sharing will foster greater understanding and human connection, contribute to the ongoing anti-racism conversation and open up new dialogue that can affect real change now and for future generations.