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Marcus Reveles

ASI President 2020-2021Anti-racism is:

Anti-racism is taking action to address systemic racism and advocate for positive change.

Inspiring Future Generations Along an Anti-Racism Journey

My journey to anti-racism started when I decided I wanted to be a teacher.

I was a high school tutor for a nonprofit that provided free tutoring for families that could not afford to pay for a tutor. I initially volunteered for this program for community service hours, but I realized that most of the families I helped were marginalized communities. I quickly learned that America’s historical treatment of minority groups still affects those communities in the present day.

As the grandson of Mexican immigrants, I was raised hearing stories of my older family members who were never in the position to attend college, take vacations or live a life of luxury. So I was inspired to help those from underprivileged families to succeed.

The pandemic and the death of George Floyd exposed that systemic racism still exists toward people of color in America. I felt frustrated and sad, but I am acting as a future teacher to make a positive change in future generations.

By exposing our country's history and the reality that racism is not extinct can inspire students to address these issues.

Racism has always been a part of our country. When asked if we will ever get to a point where racism will no longer be a problem, I try to stay hopeful, but it will require us to engage in anti-racism actively through acting in our communities and legislation.

Marcus Reveles is the 2020-2021 Associated Students President. Reveles is majoring in history with minors in math and American studies. He hopes to teach secondary education.

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