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Move-In Day For Students

With suitcases, boxes and shopping bags filled with their belongings — from clothes to bedding and school supplies — about 2,000 new and returning students are making Cal State Fullerton their home away from home during the 2019-20 academic year. Students moved into the residence halls Aug. 21-22, and of the university’s new residents, about 1,200 are incoming freshmen and 800 are returning and community college transfer students. About 900 of these students also have opted to live within themed housing communities — based on such areas as their major, common interests, academic goals or personal identity.

With personal belongings filled to the brim on rolling carts, new and returning students move into the university's residence halls.

Incoming freshman Karen Cruz introduces herself to Rachel, her new roommate, and her mother on her first day in the residence halls.

Move-In Day featured activities and resources for students and their families, presented by campus representatives and outside vendors. The resource fair in the student housing piazza offered information on student life and leadership, emergency preparedness, health services and more to help make living on campus the best possible experience.

Student Ashley Oliva, right, gets help from her brother and boyfriend as she readies to make Cal State Fullerton her new home on Move-In Day.

“Living within a themed housing community provides an additional level of connection to the campus and helps students build a stronger sense of community through purposeful interactions with students, staff, faculty and administrators,” says Jenni Brundage, director of housing and residential engagement. “These communities can provide resources and support during the transition to Cal State Fullerton.”

CSUF dad Art Magdaleno is greeted to campus by the university's mascot Tuffy the Titan.

Adriane Wilson, a housing support coordinator, helps students transition to college life. She gives former colleague Lyn Nguyen a hug at Move-In Day.

The official first day of fall semester classes is Saturday, Aug. 24, with the bulk of students attending classes beginning next week — Monday, Aug. 26 and Tuesday, Aug. 27.