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Students Invited to Attend Fulbright Orientation Meeting

Students interested in becoming a Fulbright student are invited to attend the 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26, orientation meeting in Room 815B of the Humanities-Social Sciences Building. Leading the program will be Volker Janssen, professor of history and program adviser for the campus Student Fulbright Program.

"Being a Fulbright student — Fulbright Scholars are faculty recipients — offers benefits that go beyond the classroom, such as experiences that can broaden and enrich a student's life," said Janssen, who was a Fulbright student from Germany. "Students return not only with a new level of expertise in their field, but with a professional outlook and a maturity that future employers value highly.

"Even if your one year abroad does not translate into a lifelong international career, the lessons you learn overseas about the world, about yourself and about where you are from can change your career prospects decisively."

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