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CSUF News Class of 2021 Student Success Stories

Titans of Tassel

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

“Our Class of 2021 is among the most perseverant, academically excellent and social justice-minded Titans in history. We are not only proud of their achievements, but we are also grateful for the integral role they played in leading our community through this challenging time.

“Over the past 60 years, all of our more than 300,000 alumni have undoubtedly exhibited untold resilience in achieving their Titan degrees. However, given both the rise of a devastating pandemic and the surge of systemic racism that continues to be our nation’s true plague, it is safe to say that this class has overcome truly overwhelming challenges…and succeeded in achieving their dreams.

They truly epitomize what we mean when we say…It Takes a Titan!”

— Fram Virjee, President

Commencement 2021 celebration

Commencement 2021: Promise Fulfilled

Graduate celebrating

Commencement at Last!

Jose Gonzalez Jimenez

Chemistry Grad on Path to Pursue Doctorate at Rutgers

man and woman holding red roses showing off a ring

A Match Made at Commencement

2021 Graduates celebrating

Commencement 2021: Graduates Reconnect With Classmates and Alma Mater

Monique Lynch

Higher Education Grad, Student Commencement Speaker: Educators Must Build an ‘Inclusive and Equitable Culture’

Anna Tada and Helen Dinh

Nursing Graduates Reflect on Their Profession During a Global Health Crisis

2020 Graduate celebrating on Commencement Stage

Class of 2020 Struts the Commencement Stage

Michaela Thompson

Gerontologist Honored With Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Mark Guttenplan

Engineering Grad, Student Commencement Speaker: ‘Go Out and Build on What You Have Learned’

Madison Panzino

Science Grad Investigates Shorebirds to Prepare for Research Career

Elke O’Haire

82-Year-Old Titan Is a Master of Lifelong Learning

Ainaria Johnson

Education Credential Student Speaker Calls for More Empathy in Teaching

Fitu Malepeai

Biochemistry Grad, Student Commencement Speaker: ‘Celebrate the Years of Hard Work and Perseverance’

Allen Badolian

Science Student Commencement Speaker: ‘CSUF Unites Us — That is Your Titan Badge’

Vaidehi “Tonya” Somesh

Liberal Studies Grad, Student Commencement Speaker: We ‘Came Together as a Community’

Abel Marquez

Theatre Graduate Reflects on the ‘Indisputable Power of Art’

Christian Sutton

Have a Heart: Communications Student (and Heart Transplant Recipient) Honored for Community Service Work

Christopher Quintana and Mercedes Mendoza

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Shines the Spotlight on Two Outstanding Grads

Angelica Hernandez

The Write Stuff: Communications Grad Lands Dream Jobs at NASA, IBM

Danielle Claire Batalla

Philosophy Graduate Credits Titan ‘Support Network’ for her Academic and Personal Growth

Sierra Thomas in a tree

Physics Grad Pursues Doctorate in Gravitational-Wave Science

Nina Crecia

Musician Followed Her Dreams 5,000 Miles Away From Home

Adriana Fernandez

Aspiring Doctor on a Mission to Promote Equity in Health Care