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Faculty Leaves and Sabbaticals Announced

Sixty-one faculty members have been granted leaves and sabbaticals during the 2016-17 academic year, according to Faculty Affairs and Records.

Proposed projects to be completed during the leaves range from development of new classes and music compositions and the writing of books and articles, to research into Korean art, warfare in Eastern Eurasia from 1550 to 1683 and the role played by indigenous communities and urban youth in cultural sustainability, innovation and activism.



Joseph Cervantes, professor of counseling
Fred Kinney, associate professor of theatre and dance
Madeline Rasche, professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Jie Tian, librarian
Jennifer Yee, assistant professor of Asian American studies
Philippe Zacair, associate professor of history

Fall 2016

Erica Bowers, chair and associate professor of literacy and reading education
Gayle Brunelle, professor of history
Steven Chen, associate professor of marketing
Kyung Cho, professor of art
Cliff Cramp, professor of art
Barbara Finnell, lecturer in elementary and bilingual education
Joseph Forkan, professor of art
Adam Golub, associate professor of American studies
Mohinder Grewal, professor of electrical engineering
Nicholas Henning, associate professor of secondary education
Sean Hogan, associate professor of social work
Murtadha Khakoo, professor of physics
Jeeloo Liu, professor of philosophy
Matthew Llewellyn, associate professor of kinesiology
Donna Nicol, associate professor of women and gender studies
Elizabeth Pillsworth, associate professor of anthropology
Irena Praitis, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Kristine Quinn, lecturer in elementary and bilingual education
Alexei Shevchenko, associate professor of political science
Mostafa Shiva, professor of electrical engineering
Kristin Stang, professor of special education
Karen Stocker, associate professor of anthropology
Kenneth Walicki, professor of music
Leila Zenderland, professor of American studies 

Spring 2017

Nicole Bonuso, associate professor of geological sciences
Minerva Chavez, associate professor of secondary education
Kathryn Dickson, professor of biological science
Anthony DiStefano, associate professor of health science
Barbara Doyer, lecturer in nursing
Timothy Green, professor of elementary and bilingual education
Javette Hayes, associate professor of human communication studies
Erica Howell, associate professor of special education
Steven James, professor of anthropology
Matthew Kirby, professor of geological sciences
Dixie Koo, associate professor of criminal justice
Alison Miyamoto, associate professor of biological science
Terri Patchen, professor of elementary and bilingual education
Teeanna Rizkallah, lecturer in marketing
Andi Stein, professor of communications
Laichen Sun, professor of history
Fuming Tao, professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Jonathan Taylor, professor of geography
Natalie Tran, associate professor of educational leadership
Yuying Tsong, assistant professor of human services
Keith Wanser, professor of physics
Michele Wood, associate professor of health science
Kevin Wortman, associate professor of computer science

Difference-in-Pay Leaves


Bin Cong, professor of computer science
Helene Domon, professor of modern languages and literatures
Hung-Yuan "Richard" Lu, associate professor of accounting

Fall 2016

John “Jack” Mearns, professor of psychology
Jie Weiss, professor of health science

Spring 2017

Nathan Carr, professor of modern languages and literatures
H. Jochen Schenk, professor of biological science

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