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Campus Welcomes New Class of Faculty Members

President Mildred García welcomed new members of the tenure-track faculty during Monday’s Convocation and at a dinner held that evening in their honor. The newly hired faculty members, all assistant professors except where noted, and their school/departments, by college, are:

College of the Arts

Art — Kristen Seaton
Music — Dustin Barr and Katherine Reed
Theatre and Dance — Hyun Sook Kim, associate, and Kathryn Wilson

College of Communications

Cinema and Television Arts — Mun Chee Yong
Communications — Julio Bermejo and Chelsea Reynolds

Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Science — Wenlin Han and Paul Salvador Inventado
Mechanical Engineering — John Sanders and Siheng Su

College of Education

Educational Leadership — Maritza Lozano
Elementary and Bilingual Education — Armando Garza and Carolina Valdez
Special Education — Sung Hee Lee and Aja McKee

College of Health and Human Development

Counseling — Eric Price
Health Science — Phillip Gedalanga
Nursing — Kristina Fortes, Sharrica Miller and Jutara Srivali Teal

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

American Studies — Sara Fingal and Alison Kanosky
Anthropology — Ahmed Afzal
Geography and the Environment — Trevis Matheus
Politics, Administration and Justice — Alissa Ackerman and Lidia Nuño, both in criminal justice
Psychology — Adam Roberts

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Accounting — Jonathan Durrant, Margaret Kim, Pureum Kim and Edward Lynch
Economics — Pedro Amaral, associate
Information Systems and Decision Sciences — Gang Peng, associate
Management — Dayoung Kim
Marketing — Joshua Dorsey and Mahdi Ebrahimi

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Chemistry and Biochemistry — Daniel Curtis, associate; Kelvin Billingsley and Marcos Ortega


Sarah Parramore, senior assistant librarian (began Aug. 1)

Student Health and Counseling Services

Phi Loan Le, student services professional (began July 17)

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