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Faculty, Students Present at Women in Psychology Convention


Human services and counseling faculty and students were among the presenters at the 44th annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology  Feb. 28-March 3 in Newport, Rhode Island.

Presenters were:
Yuying Tsong, associate professor of human services, was co-presenter of “Feminist Approaches in Trauma Research and Practice With Asian American Women.” Tsong joined counseling student Melissa Ward to co-deliver “Liberal Differences: A Study of Political Affiliation Race and Rape Myth Acceptance.”

Rebekah Smart, professor of counseling, and counseling students Ward, Shuo Coco Wang and Alexandra Dilley co-delivered “Therapists and Researchers’ Personal Responses and Professional Experiences in Light of #MeToo and Similar Movements.” Ward, Wang and Dilley also gave a talk on “Anti-Racist Allyship in White Communities: Dismantling Racism by Speaking Out.”

Tsong, Ward, Wang and Dilley also delivered “Asian American Womxn (sic) Disordered Eating Literacy and Help Seeking Decisions.”

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