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Titans Earn Rewards by Recycling

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To encourage more recycling at Cal State Fullerton, a PepsiCo Dream Machine kiosk is coming to the northeast corner of the Titan Student Union. Campus members deposit empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the computerized receptacle and earn points toward local discounts on entertainment, dining and travel, or to donate to The Nature Conservancy.

“I know our students, faculty and staff care about making a positive difference,” said Kevin Mattson, CSUF’s sustainable waste management specialist. “With the convenience and added incentives that come with PepsiCo’s Recycling program, I expect CSUF to play an important role in contributing to this incentive.”

CSUF also will compete in PepsiCo’s Campus Recycling Challenge, which pits colleges and universities against one another in a competition that tracks recycling progress online.

The kiosk will be installed Thursday, April 16. If the first kiosk proves successful, a second one may be installed at the student housing complex, said Mattson.

Cal State Fullerton already set up recycling bins in various locations throughout the Pollak Library and along the walkway between the library and Titan Student Union.