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Selbo’s Play Has LA Debut

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Cal State Fullerton radio-TV-film professor Jule Selbo is seeing her work in a different format these days. A screenwriter interested in films, storyboarding, animation, comics and graphic novels, Selbo has written a play currently in production at Theatre West in Los Angeles.

Continuing through the end of the month, “Boxes” tells the tale of medical student Sigourney, who finds herself working for a man who gives her a series of boxes containing both objects of beauty and mystery.

“Boxes” is not Selbo’s first foray into theater. Her productions have been performed in New York, Philadelphia, Louisville and at the Last Frontier Theatre Festival in Alaska. In 2004, Cal State Fullerton put on her play “Objects.”

A member of the campus since 2005, Selbo spent nearly 20 years in the film industry and worked with such filmmakers as George Lucas, Roland Joffe and Aaron Spelling. She is author of last year’s “Film Genre for the Screenwriter,” as well as “The Rewrite: First Draft to Marketplace” and “Screenplay: Idea to Successful Script.”