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CSUF Will Train 18 Graduate Students from Shanghai Normal University

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In a partnership that strengthens global ties, the city of Shanghai, China, has awarded a $676,721 grant to Cal State Fullerton to provide graduate-level training to 18 students from Shanghai Normal University.

The students will enroll in CSUF’s two-year master of science in education-higher education program and attend classes on campus and through distance learning, said John L. Hoffman, chair and associate professor of educational leadership, who is leading the effort.

“By bringing in a full cohort of students from China, we intend to help all students gain a deeper, comparative understanding of how diverse approaches to education are similar and different,” Hoffman said.

The Chinese students will arrive this summer to spend six months at CSUF. They will attend two courses and a comparative education seminar and also visit educational institutions. The second phase, beginning in January, will involve completion of coursework through distance education. 

At the conclusion of the program, the students will return to CSUF to present their graduate projects comparing American and Chinese higher education policies, systems and administrative practices. They will also participate in commencement ceremonies in 2017. The grant will cover the full expenses of the program.

Shanghai Normal University has partnered with Cal State Fullerton and the College of Education since 2011.