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Season Ticket Holders Embrace Titan Family

Dispatch From Omaha
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Al and Dawn Gettman fell in love with Titan baseball after seeing an advertisement in the Pennysaver.

They had been longtime Angel’s season ticket holders but when they saw an ad 16 years ago promoting Titan baseball they were curious. So they decided to check out a game.

They have been going ever since.

“We canceled our Angels tickets and became Titan season ticket holders,” Dawn said, while enjoying a pregame tailgate party in Omaha with more than 100 other Titan fans. “We just fell in love with college baseball.”

They became Diamond Club members, traveled with the team and even attended a couple players’ weddings and one parent’s funeral.

“The best part about college baseball is that it is pure,” Al said. “The players have a goal and they work very hard to achieve that.”

Even though they have had to move to Beaumont, they continue to attend games and root for their Titans.

Dawn said that they stay in Orange County from Friday to Sunday during baseball season just to watch home games.

The Gettmans don’t have children of their own, so they have adopted the team as their family.

“They are our boys,” Dawn said. “Some may not have a mom or dad in the stands yelling for them, so we cheer for those kids just as if their parents were there.”

Road To Omaha Takes Titan Fans on a Multi-State Whirlwind

Joshua Gorospe and his buddy Eddie Leone haven’t counted up all the miles it took them to get to the College World Series, but they say it was well worth it.

“This is a once-in-the-lifetime event,” said Gorospe, who graduated from CSUF in 2012 with a civil engineering degree.

They knew they were going to Omaha once the Titans won the super regionals. But airline ticket prices were $600 to $700, if they went straight from Orange County to Omaha.

So they took the cheap ticket route and booked a flight for $280 round trip that took them from Orange County to Phoenix, then to Dallas and finally, to Kansas City. From there they rented a car and drove 190 miles to Omaha.

“We even slept on a cot in the Dallas airport,” Leone said.

Why do it?

“I’m a pretty hard-core Titan fan as a student and now an alum. I always want to support my school,” the 25-year-old Gorospe said. “I love CSUF.”

Leone, 32, said that most of his life he has played sports and appreciates what it takes to compete at this level.

“This is special and we wanted to be part of it,” Leone said. “I’m glad we are here now.”

What Being a Role Model Is All About

This message was posted on Cal State Fullerton Baseball Facebook page.

Dear Cal State Fullerton baseball team,
I was with my son today at the U Of L track watching my daughter at soccer camp when you guys came over to warm up. My son was watching and thought you guys were awesome! When you were running sprints he decided to join in!

I cannot tell you how excited he was when you guys asked him to join you on your lap around the track!! He was stunned at first but decided to run you guys down. When one of your guys finally noticed him running, he slowed down and you guys ran him to the finish! I was almost in tears! He loves sports and this made his day!

I am a huge Cardinal fan and wanted to not like you for beating us the other night, but this small act of kindness to my son is amazing sportsmanship and shows class by you young men! I want to personally thank you for this, and this Cardinal family will be cheering for you in the World Series! Thank you Titans!!

Titan Bat Boys of Summer

It’s every kid’s dream to be in his favorite baseball team’s dugout, wearing the home uniform and seeing the drama of nine innings unfold.

Garrett Mitchison and R.J. and Carter Vanderhook are doing just that at the College World Series as batboys for the Titans.

R.J. Vanderhook, 15, is coach Rick Vanderhook’s son and has been to Omaha five times for the NCAA tournament but this is his first time at TD Ameritrade Park and being in the dugout as a batboy.

So what is the highlight for the Titan batboy who wears the same No. 28 as his dad on his jersey?

“Being in the dugout and seeing how pumped the players get when they score,” R.J. said.

For Garrett Mitchison, 14, said his fondest memory has to be when him and R.J. led the team out on to the TD Ameritrade Park field during opening ceremonies on Friday.

Garrett, who wears No. 5 on his jersey, said the best part of the experience is seeing how much fun the players have.

“It is so cool to be here,” he said.

And then there is 9-year-old Carter Vanderhook, the son of Coach Vanderhook’s nephew.

During warmups, he was tossing a ball with R.J. and having a good time hanging out with the team. His jersey also has the No. 28 emblazoned on the back.

When asked what he would tell his classmates about his summer vacation, the answer came quickly to the future Titan.

“I got to see the College World Series,” Carter said.

Assistant Director of Media Relations/Social Media Michael Mahi is with the team in Omaha writing about CSUF’s College World Series experience via social media and the university’s news site. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Storify and Instagram.