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Faculty, Staff Work in Print

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Tom L. Thompson, interim director of disability support services, authored an article on online learning and digital communications in the July issue of Disability Compliance for Higher Education published by Wiley.

Zhenguo Lin, professor of finance, is co-author of an article on market risk in an upcoming article in the Journal of Real Estate Research.

Yuying Tsong, assistant professor of human services, Rebekah Smart, associate professor of counseling, and counseling graduate students Ashley Chisum and Katharine Robertson-Pfeffer are authors of an article of women and a college course on mindful eating in Vol. 13, Issue 1, of Californian Journal of Health Promotion.

Kathryn Dickson, chair and professor of biological science, and alumnus Kyle Newton ’12 (M.S. biology), currently in the doctoral program at Florida International University, are co-authors of an article about digestive enzyme activities in the shortfall mako shark in the April issue of Fish Physiology and Biochemistry. The third author is James Wraith of the National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Tyler D. Parry, assistant professor of African American studies, wrote about marriage in slavery in Vol. 81, No. 2 (May) issue of the Journal of Southern History.