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Alumni Support Titans in Omaha

Keeping up the Spirit in College World Series
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What does it take to create Titan Pride in Omaha?

Well how about painting a green “blarney” stone orange, slapping a few CSUF stickers on it and making the Irish restaurant grill, where it sits out front, home for postgame celebrations.

That’s just what the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association did to make the Dubliner Pub in downtown Omaha a little more Fullerton and a little less Ireland.

“It lets everyone know that the Titans are here, and our fans have a place where they can share in the accomplishments of the team,” said Alumni Relations Executive Director Dianna Lopez Fisher, whose support team in Omaha secured the restaurant as a central location for Titan post-game parties. “I know the orange will bring just as much luck as green.”

From the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association to a community-minded service organization and local businesses, the Titans baseball team is in good hands in Omaha.

While the team is in the College World Series preparing for Sunday’s game against defending national champion Vanderbilt, the University’s Alumni Association makes sure that fans, players, coaches and support staff receive the best hospitality the Midwest has to offer.

Fisher said the association supports Titan Athletics throughout the year by partnering in alumni fan events and programs, such as sport and team reunions, campuswide homecoming celebrations for men’s basketball and year-end tailgates like Night of the Pachyderm.

“When our baseball team advances to postseason play, the Alumni Association plays an important role in creating a welcoming environment for fans and alumni to celebrate,” Fisher said.

Leading up to the Titans 17th appearance in the College World Series, the association hosted a regional playoffs tailgate and then followed the team to Omaha after their win over Louisville in the Super Regionals.

Justin Gerboc, assistant director of alumni and campus communities, said that they haven’t forgotten about their fans back home either. A website has been dedicated to providing updates with what’s happening in the tournament as well as where to celebrate back in Orange County.

“Many of our most loyal and diehard fans are unable to make the trip to Omaha,” Gerboc said. “We don’t want to forget most of our alumni will be cheering from home.”

Fisher said support for the team comes from many departments at Cal State Fullerton.

“The Alumni Association helps coordinate and support these events, but many others, such as Titan Athletics, Titan Shops, University Advancement and alumni donors, also help make the experience in Omaha memorable for everyone,” she said.

Local supporters do their part to make Titans feel welcome, as well. Well-known establishments in Omaha such as the Dubliner and Amato’s Deli welcome Titans by volunteering their services, space or products.

And then there is the Omaha Concord Club, which sponsors college baseball teams during the College World Series.

Terry Devlin, a Concord member and the co-host of a pizza party held on Saturday for the team at Pitch Pizza in Omaha, said they have hosted several Titan teams over the years, including a couple that won national championships.

“These Titans have always been a special team for us,” Devlin said at the pizza party where more than 100 people, including fans, players and coaches were celebrating the team’s achievements. “This is a team full of enthusiasm, and they give everything they have. We are honored to host them while they are in the series.”

 Assistant Director of Media Relations/Social Media Michael Mahi is with the team in Omaha writing about CSUF’s College World Series experience via social media and the University’s news site. Follow him on FacebookTwitterStorify and Instagram.