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Meyer Appointed to NSF Post

National Science Foundation Division Focuses on Biological Discovery
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Christopher R. Meyer, chair and professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Cal State Fullerton, will serve as a program director in the National Science Foundation’s Division of Biological Infrastructure. The one year position in Arlington, Virginia, begins Aug. 17.

Since the 1990s, Meyer has received NSF funding for his research on carbon metabolism and the synthesis of biodegradable and renewable carbon sources, such as starch. In 2008-09, he served as a program director in NSF’s Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

To maintain his own research interests, NSF will provide funding for Meyer to periodically return to CSUF to work with students in his lab.

“It’s an honor to come from, and represent Cal State Fullerton at NSF at this critical time for funding for STEM. It’s a win-win situation to work with the outstanding personnel of the Division of Biological Infrastructure,” he said.