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Faculty Work Recently Published

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Among the recently published works of Cal State Fullerton are the following:

An intramural grant-funded study of parent-child interaction and emotion regulation in children with autism spectrum disorder, conducted by Jason K. Baker and Rachel M. Fenning, assistant professors of child and adolescent studies, was the subject of “Brief Report: A Pilot Study of Parent-Child Biobehavioral Synchrony in Autism Spectrum Disorder” posted online July 17 and published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Baker and Fenning were co-authors along with alumna Mariann A. Howland ’13 (B.A. psychology) and senior psychology major Jacquelyn Moffitt.

Denise L. Stanley, professor of economics, shared her research on the impact of international migration on the Honduran economy in her article, “Can International Transfers be Problematic? Honduran Remittances and Labor Supply Decisions” in the July issue of Contemporary Economic Policy.

Ajay Bhootra, assistant professor of finance, co-authored the article, “High Idiosyncratic Volatility and Low Returns: A Prospect Theory Explanation,” about the variability in stock prices in the summer issue of Financial Management. “Riskier firms with greater variability in their stock prices have been shown to earn lower returns on average instead of higher returns as one would expect,” Bhootra explains. “This paper provides a novel explanation of this anomalous risk-return relationship.”

Zhenguo Lin, professor of finance, was co-author on “Racial Discrepancy in Mortgage Interest Rates” published in the July issue of the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Findings from the study, conducted by Lin, visiting scholar Yingchun Liu and Ping Chen of Florida Atlantic University, were reported in’s Mortgages Blog.