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At the Helm of CA’s Energy Production

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When Enrique “Henry” Martinez ’75 (B.A. engineering-electrical) was young, his father insisted that Martinez help him work on cars and electrical equipment — a chore Martinez didn’t fully appreciate until he was older.

“It felt like a burden at a time I would have rather been playing with my friends, but it proved to be a foundational part of my interest in electronics,” he says. “It was a practical, informal education.”

By the time he was in high school, Martinez’s fascination knew no bounds as he built radio kits, tinkered with CB and ham radios, and studied transistors.

“Looking at the assembly and the circuitry, it was the integration and how everything worked together that fascinated me,” he says.

This fascination propelled Martinez’s professional life, putting him on the path to a decades-long career integrating one of the most vital resources in society today: energy. Continue reading.