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CSUF Receives $40 Million Gift

Leaves and Sabbaticals Announced

Faculty to Travel, Research and Write
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Fifty-four faculty members have been awarded or difference-in-pay leaves to conduct research, write or travel during the 2015-16 academic year.

Projects range from studies into international markets and the effects of low tide conditions on intertidal seaweeds, to the contributions of Japanese-American members of the U.S. military during the U.S.-led occupation of Japan and the composition of music for a new ballet.

Among the recipients is Teresa Crawford, professor of elementary and bilingual education, who will spend her four-month paid leave disseminating data from the four-year federally funded Project Create!

Other recipients, by semester or year, are:

Fall 2015

Carol Ames, associate professor of communications
Scott Annin, professor of mathematics
Caroline Bailey, associate professor of social work
Gerard Beenen, assistant professor of management
Samuel Broyles, associate professor of marketing
Jennifer Burnaford, assistant professor of biological science
Nathalie Carrick, associate professor of child and adolescent studies
Sharon Chappell, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education
Matt Englar-Carlson, professor of counseling
Cora Granata, associate professor of history
Diana Guerin, professor of child and adolescent studies
Sarah Hill, associate professor political science
Paula Hudson, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Shelley Jenkins, lecturer in radio-TV-film
Michael Loverude, professor of physics
Stephen Neufeld, assistant professor of history
Nikolaos Nikolaidis, associate professor of biological science
Brian Norton, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Patricia Perez, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies
Debra Rose, professor of kinesiology
Patricia Schneider-Zioga, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Myungsoo Son, professor of accounting
Jindong Wu, associate professor of geography
Shelli Wynants, lecturer in child and adolescent studies
Lei Xu, associate professor of geography
Samuel Yang, professor of information systems and decision sciences

Spring 2016

James Childers, associate professor of physics
Daniel Choi, associate professor of educational leadership
Kristine Dennehy, professor of history
James Furumoto, associate professor of music
Adelina Gnanlet, associate professor of management
Yi Jiang, associate professor of finance
Danny Kim, associate professor of health science
Edward Knell, associate professor of anthropology
Charles Lee, professor of mathematics
Hossein Moini, professor of mechanical engineering
Janice Myck-Wayne, associate professor of special education
Shaun Pichler, associate professor of management
Hakan Rosengren, professor of music
Melanie Sacco, assistant professor of biological science
Scott Spitzer, associate professor of political science
Bogdan Suceavă, professor of mathematics
Saul Tobias, associate professor of liberal studies


Carolynn Coal, associate professor of communications
Peter Fashing, associate professor of anthropology
Chandra Khan, professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Cynthia King, professor of communications
Kristin Kleinjans, associate professor of economics
William Laton, associate professor of geological sciences
Nga Nguyen, associate professor of anthropology
Nancy Segal, professor of psychology
Shu-Chen Yen, associate professor of child and adolescent studies

Spring-Fall 2016

Carolyn Chang, professor of finance