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Gentles to Discuss Education Issues

Presentation Is One of Several Given by Faculty and Staff
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Lori Gentles, vice president for human resources, diversity and inclusion, is among panelists scheduled to discuss issues related to high school and college education, including state education standards and student loan debt, at a July 30 program hosted by the Democratic Clubs of Coastal Orange County at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center.

In recent months, other members of the campus community have been speaking before audiences in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Riverside.

Kenneth Tom, associate professor of human communication studies, was a faculty presenter at the joint meeting of the Voice Foundation 44th Symposium “Care of the Professional Voice” 12th International Association of Phonosurgery symposium held May 26-31 in Philadelphia.

John K. Davis, associate professor of philosophy, spoke on the prospect of living indefinitely, during a May 29 forum at UC Riverside. He was among scholars who presented research funded by the John Templeton Foundation through the university’s Immortality Project.

Kiran George, associate professor of computer engineering, discussed using low-cost, assistive technology to improve the quality of life for patients with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, during the April 25 ALS Association scientific workshop in Washington, D.C.