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University Police Launch Outreach Efforts

New Program to Establish Regular Communication With Campus Members
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In the wake of incidents across the country, Cal State Fullerton’s University Police department is implementing a new campus outreach program known as Encouraging a Positive and Interactive Community (EPIC).

Throughout the academic year, department representatives will be meeting with specific groups and attending events, such as Mesa Cooperativa’s 21st annual Bienvenida/Student Welcome Celebration, to be held from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The department also will host periodic training or “debriefs” in the manner of town hall meetings.

“Members of our police force come from a variety of different cultures and ethnicities. They are passionate about education, safety and improving relationships with members of our campus community,” said University Police Chief Dennis DeMaio.

“Through EPIC, we hope to alleviate confusion surrounding current events, address disagreements about law enforcement activities, and help break down stereotypes and misconceptions,” he added.

The goals of the program are to increase trust, to build and enhance personal relationships between members of the police force and the campus community, expand awareness and increase education about the services of the department.

University Police also will be establishing a campus committee to work with the department on increasing positive communication with groups and members of the University community.