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Mathematician Joins Faculty: Meet Jessica Jaynes

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Alumna Jessica Jaynes earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a concentration in probability and statistics in 2008, and returned to her alma mater this fall as an assistant professor of mathematics. She holds a doctorate and master’s degree in statistics from UCLA and taught at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Why did you pursue the opportunity to join the Titan community?

Being a Titan, I wanted to be a part of, and contribute to the success of, the University — particularly teaching and mentoring first-generation college students like myself. My personal experience at Cal State Fullerton gave me the tools necessary to be successful throughout my academic and professional career, with the blending of research and instruction. I have always believed that my decision to attend CSUF was one of the best decisions I ever made.

And now, as a faculty member, I can reconnect to the community that brought me to where I am today and contribute my own philosophies that I have learned. Additionally, I can promote research at the undergraduate and graduate levels, giving students the opportunity to put their education to work in the real world through personalized instruction.

What do you most look forward to now that you’re here?

I look forward to having the same effect on students that my professors had on me. This experience inspired me to continue my education and mentor future generations of students. In particular, I enjoy making new connections with students and faculty members, in order to promote and inspire undergraduate- and graduate-level research. Teaching is my passion, and I find it rewarding and a compliment to my research. As a statistician, I strive to have an impact on various fields by combining my skill set with others and collaborating together to have a meaningful impact on the scientific community, leading to advancements in research in a gamut of different studies.

What areas of continued scholarship and research are of particular interest to you?

My primary research is motivated by real-world applications in experimental design, specifically the construction of efficient and optimal factorial designs with applications in the fields of, but not limited to, biomedical sciences for drug combination determination and marketing survey research. I focus on the development of new methodologies and applications, concentrating on the close connection between statistics and medicine. As science and technology progresses, this often calls for innovation in methodological and theoretical development of statistical experimental design. Statistics is essential in the development of novel experiments to maximize efficiency, while minimizing time and costs.

What are some of your outside activities, hobbies or interests?

I enjoy being surrounded by my family. Otherwise, I can be found in the garden.