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Neighbors Now and in Future

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The status Cal State Fullerton and Western State University College of Law currently enjoy as neighbors will continue next year when Western State relocates to Irvine.

The college will lease space at the CSUF Irvine Campus in the second of two buildings purchased for the University’s branch campus by the CSUF Auxiliary Services Corp. at 1 Banting.

Western State, which is part of Argosy University, plans to to begin offering classes at its new Irvine location in January.

Western State’s move to Irvine will pave the way for CSUF to move some of its operations next year to the buildings at the corner of State College Boulevard and Dorothy Lane. The building facing State College Boulevard will undergo seismic retrofit, while the building behind it will be refurbished for use by CSUF. Occupancy of the smaller building is expected in April.

The CSUF Auxiliary Services Corp. purchased the Western State College of Law buildings in 2012 and entered into a lease-back arrangement with the institution.