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Fedak Has ‘Nothing to Worry About’ in First Solo Show

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Andrew Fedak, assistant professor of art, brings together stereoscopic projection, computer graphic techniques and other methods used in Hollywood blockbusters for his first solo exhibition, “You Have Nothing to Worry About,” through Dec. 19 at the Luckman Gallery in the Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State L.A.

The exhibition integrates technology never used before in this way, he says, particularly the use of PresenZ, a new technology for immersive virtual reality movies developed by visual effects company Nozon to create a site-specific virtual installation within the gallery itself. “PresenZ allowed me to create a virtual photorealistic space that did not have the limits normally associated with virtual reality,” explains Fedak.

The show encompasses three separate bodies of work: “How to Lose Weight in Seven Easy Steps,” a 2015 stereoscopic film; “Volumes and Daydreams,” a site-specific virtual installation of the objects from these films; and “The Early Anxiety Videos” — 2D films focusing on anxiety.

“I deconstruct and utilize my own life as a source for my artwork,” says Fedak. “…I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone distorts reality in some way, even those who are not mentally ill at all — it’s just part of life.”

Admission to the exhibition is free.