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New Faculty Member: Beverly Quaye

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Beverly Quaye brings her rich service experience as a nurse, manager, clinical instructor and administrator at several Southland medical facilities to the classroom as an assistant professor of nursing in the College of Health and Human Development.

Prior to joining Cal State Fullerton, she taught at UCLA, Mount St. Mary’s College, Cal State University campuses Northridge and Dominguez Hills, Vanguard and West Coast University. Quaye also has served as an advisory board member at Pasadena City College and American Career College.

President elect for the Association of California Nurse Leaders, Quaye earned a doctorate in education from Pepperdine University, as well as a master of nursing from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Why did you pursue the opportunity to join Cal State Fullerton?

In the past two years I made a conscious career switch from healthcare practice to healthcare education. I was teaching in four universities, and I was looking for a tenure-track position where I could fully contribute with more focus and presence.

What do you most look forward to now that you’re here?

I am writing my first work for publication since joining, and I am very excited about it. My departure from a healthcare executive role in a hospital has taken me from acute inpatient care to working with in two ambulatory/community health settings. There is room to explore care delivery theory and models that may be very adaptable along the full healthcare continuum.

What areas of continued scholarship and research are of particular interest to you?

Leadership, developing means to retain leaders and assist them in managing stress so that they can have the capacity to care for patients in a compassionate and safe manner. Did you know that 90 percent of nurses test positive for PTSD – nearly as high as our military personnel?

What are some of your outside activities, hobbies, or interests?

I am very active in the Association for California Nursing Leaders and will be their president in February 2016. I love the local mountains and retreat there often. Other activities are jewelry making, needlework, interior design, flower arranging and gardening.