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Mike Turi Joins Computer Engineering Program

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Mike Turi, assistant professor of computer engineering, earned his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering and his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Washington State University. He was a visiting assistant professor in computer science and computer engineering at Pacific Lutheran University before coming to Cal State Fullerton this fall. Turi also has worked in industry in various hardware and software engineering positions.

Why did you pursue the opportunity to join the Titan community?

I wanted to be at a university that places a high emphasis on teaching and learning. I was also drawn to the Computer Engineering Program and the opportunity to teach and mentor students on current hardware and software topics in industry.

What do you most look forward to now that you’re here?

I look forward to mentoring students, both undergraduate and graduate, in my areas of research. I very much enjoy mentoring and working alongside with students on timely, applied research projects.

What areas of continued scholarship and research are of particular interest to you?

My main two areas of scholarship and research interest are in low-power, very-large scale integration, or VLSI, circuit design — the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip — and distributed sensor networks. I’ve had significant prior experience researching low-power memory circuits, and I plan to analyze the effects of low-power circuit design choices on the overall performance of a digital or computer system. I’m also interested in studying the effectiveness of self-reprogramming sensors that can automatically adapt in order to more effectively monitor changing environmental conditions.

What are some of your outside activities, hobbies or interests?

I enjoy participating in sports and outdoor activities with my wife, such as hiking, tennis and soccer. I also enjoy sightseeing around Southern California and look forward to visiting more of the beach towns in the area.