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Business Teams Face Off in Campus ACG Cup Competition

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What would it be like to study a company being considered for a merger and acquisition? To face a board of directors and discuss a course of action?

On Monday, Feb. 1, six teams of MBA students will participate in just such a contest: the campus ACG Cup, sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth. The winning team will advance to represent Mihaylo College and Cal State Fullerton in regional action March 7 against teams from throughout the Southland. The winning regional team receives $10,000.

The competition challenges graduate students’ skills and knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, finances and private equity, says Melissa Lopez, director of MBA and graduate programs. “The judges – industry professionals – are looking for a student team that can best present a thorough analysis of a company’s financial statement and competitive position as well as take into consideration an industry analysis. This judging decision is also influenced by the student team’s ability to present and defend recommendations in a compelling and convincing manner.”

The first ACG contest was held in Los Angeles about 10 years ago, said Lopez. Cal State Fullerton, UCI and Chapman University were introduced to the contest a year later.