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Faculty Expertise In Print

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Several Cal State Fullerton faculty members have seen their work published in recent books and articles.

Among the recently published books:

  • “Psychosocial Studies of the Individual’s Changing Perspectives in Alzheimer’s Disease,” co-edited by Myron Orleans, professor emeritus of sociology, and released in August by IGI Global. The publication describes programs and strategies that professional and family caregivers can implement to engage and improve the lives of sufferers;
  • “Egypt’s Lost Spring: Causes and Consequences” by Sherif Khalifa, associate professor of economics, published in July by Praeger. The book is an analysis of events from the fall of Mubarak through the aftermath of the 2013 military move to oust Egypt’s president; and
  • “Mobile Robot — Dynamic Model Controlling Using Wavelet Network” authored by CSUF alumnus Mohammed Kamil Hilfi ’14 (M.S. electrical engineering) and David Cheng, professor of electrical engineering, as contributing author. It was published in July by United Scholars Publication.

Other recently publications:

  • Paul Stapp, professor of biological science, co-author of “Ecological Traits Driving the Outbreaks and Emergence of Zoonotic Pathogens,” published Jan. 13 in BioScience. The article, co-authored by Daniel J. Salkeld, a postdoctoral researcher in Stapp’s lab in 2005-06, comes from nearly a decade of research on the ecology of plague in black-tailed prairie dogs in Colorado.
  • Math P. Cuajungco, associate professor of biological science, co-author of “The Mucolipin-2 (TRPML2) Ion Channel: A Tissue-Specific Protein Crucial to Normal Cell Function” posted online in September and published in the upcoming February issue of Pflügers Archiv – European Journal of Physiology. His co-authors were students Joshua Silva, Ania Habibi and Jessica A. Valadez.
  • Chiranjeev Kohli, professor of marketing, co-author of “Disfluent vs. Fluent Price Offers: Paradoxical Role of Processing Disfluency” posted online in August in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.